Venus Transit Read Me First and FAQ!

Welcome to the site and thanks for your Interest in the 2012 Venus's Transits. It will be a one-in-a-lifetime event (unless you saw the 2004 transit which will make it a twice in a life time).
Use this page to quickly navigate through the site and get the most frequent asked information on Venus transit.

Venus Transit
Venus Transit 2004 - Jan Herold - Wikipedia

Since the site is not only about Venus, here is a reference to the transit's articles. It is also possible to use the Venus label to find them.
The following articles will provide information about the Venus transit

General Transit Information
Transit's 2012 map. From where the transit is visible
Exact times (in UT) of the tranist phases for major US and international cities.

How to watch the Venus transit safely
The story of the Past Venus' transits.
And other Venus' articles: