Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lunar eclipse 2011

The next and last Lunar Eclipse 2011 will be on December 10.
The eclipse will be visible from Most of the world but the whole vent will be visible from Asia and Australia. Europe will miss the beginning of the Eclipse while North America will see just the beginning of it. South America and Africa are left out this time. Sorry. The total time of full eclipse is 51 minutes and since it is not very centric eclipse (The moon does not pass through the center of earth shadow) there are high chances of a lovely red moon.

Time table of the Eclipses
  • Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 11:33:32 UT 
  • Partial Eclipse Begins:   12:45:42 UT 
  • Total Eclipse Begins:     14:06:16 UT 
  • Greatest Eclipse:         14:31:49 UT 
  • Total Eclipse Ends:       14:57:24 UT 
  • Partial Eclipse Ends:     16:17:58 UT 
  • Penumbral Eclipse Ends:   17:30:00 UT
 The map of the eclipse:
Lunar Eclipse 2011