Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Missile launch from Israel

The Israeli Ministry of of Defense (MOD) announced that an experimental rocket was launched from Israel this morning. The exact purpose of the experiment are unknown but it seems to be similar to the defensive system "Iron Dome" which is able to intercept hostile rockets.
Israel was and still is under a major threat of rockets from Gaza strip, Lebanon and Iran and is known for its sophisticated defense systems which saved the life of many.
I saw it on my way to work, at first I notice someone who stopped at the side and photograph the skies so out of interest I stooped as well (On a safe place!) and looked myself. Which I saw it few seconds earlier.

ניסוי טילים
ניסוי טילים
Personally I am hoping for a peaceful future with many civilian launches from Israel that we will know about in advance and can watch them safely just as NASA notify each launch.