Sunday, June 4, 2017

Carnival of space #512

Hi all and welcome to CoS #512 with many great articles from the astronomy fandom!
And in this issue, we will go from the first black holes to new features on the moon. From Triton to Jupiter, to new rockets technique and to some space history and talks about the future. Spare yourself a hour and enjoy!
Carnival of Space #512
Carnival of Space #512

With no further delays, let us start.

From "The evolving planet"
From "Universe Today"

From "Chandra"
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From "Planetaria"
  • A stormy, turbulent world: New science results from Juno reveal ‘whole new Jupiter
From "Next Big Future"
  • "Rocket Lab" broke new ground today when its Electron rocket reached space at 16:23 NZST. "Rocket Lab" has said they will charge $5 million for each rocket. The SpaceX Falcon 9 has a launch cost of $57 million. "Rocket Lab" will launch up to 225 kilograms. The Falcon 9 can launch 22800 kilograms to low Earth orbit. "Rocket Lab" 3D prints almost all of parts. They use carbon composite materials for many parts which are lighter. "Rocket Lab" uses advanced batteries to enable electric turbopumps.