Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where is the 2012 venus transit visible

The transit of Venus is a very rare event. The next transit will happen in the 5th or 6th of June (depending on your time zone). Do not miss the opportunity to see this event.

Luckily the 2012 Venus transit will be visible from most of the world. In any given moment of the transit, people on the entire half of earth which face the sun will be able to see the transit. The duration of Venus transit is quite long, 6 hours, which means that many other  areas will see part of the transit, and only people on about a quarter of earth will not see any part of the transit.  Thus, Venus transit is going to be a real global event!

Visibility map of the 2012 Venus Transit
Visibility map of the 2012 Venus Transit
Let's see the 2012 map above. From the green areas the entire transit is visible from its beginning to its end. These areas include most of China, east Australia, east Russia and Alaska. Not bad. The Yellow areas are places which only part of the transit will be visible. In North America, the transit will be visible until the sun sets on June 5th. The other yellow areas - Europe, Israel, east Africa, the middle east and most of south Asia the transit will be visible immediately on June 6th Sunrise (when the transit is already in the middle).
However, people in he red area will not see the transit at all. Most of this red area is in the Atlantic ocean, but major parts of South America and west Africa, together with Portugal will not see the transit at all! Of course, people in these ares may use live broadcasts to take part in this event.

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