Monday, February 20, 2012

London bookshops

Every time that I am in London (Which doesn't happen often enough) I spent some time at London's bookshops. There are plenty of bookshops in London with huge variety, on many subjects. Books exist on any subjects but I look first for interesting second hand astronomy books in bargain prices.

The largest shop in London (and maybe in the entire world) is Foyles located at the center of London and open till 22:00 or eve 23:00. There are books on any subject, but there are only new books there so the prices are high. I came there mostly to look.

Some of the astronomy book at Foyles
A huge bookshop with lots of second hands and bargain books is Waterstone. There are many small brancehs, but you need to go to the main branch at Gower street. You can spend some hours there browsing between new books, bargain books and second hand books

astronomy books
Astronomy shelves at Waterstone
In my last visit I stayed at Bloomsbury area which has many fine bookshops. most of them will give additional discount to students. Skoob is a great shop (which holds just a bit of the stock) with the books are arranged more or less by subjects, and like many second hand bookshops you need to check them one by one. I got there with some great books such as Spring it Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Timeastronomy books which deals with the daylight saving time.

Not very far is Judd Books which does not have a huge selection of science book and yet I found Earthrise which deals with the first photos of Earth from space. Of course, the famous British library is nearby at Euston street. Seven floors with undergrounds warehouses and 14 Million books. Must visit. Just opposite it two interesting bookshops. In the first the maximum price is 2 pounds and the second has many other cheap books.

This is a very small selection. The Guardian newspaper has an article with a longer list, you would like to print it for your next trip to London. Enjoy your reading.